My First Post

Thursday October 2, 2014

Today I deactivated my Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts, and deleted my Instagram, SnapChat, FourSquare, and YouTube accounts. Some people would say that I’m now social media free, but I, like many others, believe that blogs are just another type of social media. Just for the hell of it though, I’m going to say that I’m “social media free.” It feels weird to sat that I’m “free.” The first thing I think of when I say that I’m “free” is that I picture myself in the Titanic movie with Jack, standing with my arms outstretched on the bow of the Titanic yelling at the top of my lungs “I’m the king of the world!” I know I’m not really free, but really, I just want to be happy. Some people might think it’s weird, lame, or even dramaticĀ that I left Facebook to try to be happy, and that I’m just like all of the others who will reactivate their accounts in the near future, but at least I’m trying. No one else can make me happy but me, right? Anyone can help me be happy, but I know that I’m truly the only one that can actually do it, so the purpose of this blog is to support my attempt. I’m going to document theĀ things that I do, the conversations that I have, and see what happens to me as I try to change my life.

King of the World

Fight for love.

– L


This is my life.